La gran historia de osos y monos

La gran historia de osos y monos 1

Would you like your children to...

Would you like your children to...

Would you like your children to...

? Boost their creativity and set their imaginations' free?

? Develop their reading habits and enjoy reading?

? Gain values that will stay with them for life?

? Become more curious about their surroundings?

? Use technology educationally?

Smile & Learn offers you these interactive stories with these features:

? A story that transmits the values of Respect, Tolerance and Cooperation.

? Text and voice-overs in different language, recorded by natives in those languages.

? Fun interactive animations and hidden surprises that encourage discovery and curiosity.

? Challenges adapted to your child's development level that reinforce multiple intelligences.

? Adaptation features that make the child the main character, like choosing an avatar, recording his or her voice or yours and even choosing how the story ends.

? The app includes a FREE GAME: Pairs and Learn.


"The Great Panda and Monkey Story" tells how a family from two different places have to find a new home because of the changes in their world, from the strange things raining down.

On their search for a new place to settle down, they come across the Land of Harmony. Each of the families decides to stay there and is happy, but just for a little while. One day, strange things start to rain down again and the Pandas and Monkeys decided to go the Tree of Wisdom for help. Addition and Vowel find the answer and go with the Parabolas and the Words on their adventure into the unknown.

Discover the importance of living together in Harmony and learning about different things without fear!

Features of this app

Age: 5-9 years old. Two challenge levels to adapt to the child's development.?Languages: Spanish, English and French. 

Games: Pairs and Learn.

Values: Respect, cooperation and tolerance. ?

Multiple intelligences: Linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, musical, bodily, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic.

Authors: Smile and Learn Team

Some opinions from educational professionals and parents

"With Smile & Learn's educational apps, children become part of the story and learn with a smile through challenges and games"

PEQUEOCIO. Website for fun and plans for kids and parents

"Smile & Learn's psychopedagogical approach is based on independent experimental learning, the child discovering his or her own lesson, unearthing, researching, creating"

MIRAMAMI. Mom blogger

"I love that there's a moral to the story and that they walk you through what each value means"

Kathie. Montessori School teacher in USA

"I love your method. I heard about it through a friend of mine in New York who uses it to teach languages and for children with learning disabilities"

Patricia. Language teacher in The Netherlands

La gran historia de osos y monos


La gran historia de osos y monos 1